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A numbers of peaks above 6000m are located in Tibet including Mt. Everest the worlds highest mountains. Among them Mt. Shisapangma, Lakpari, Cho Oyu, Mt. Gurla Mandata are popuar for Mountaineering in Tibet. Besides Mt. Noijing Khangsang, Mt. Nyingchen Tangla & Mt. Kule Kagri are newly opened peaks for Mountaineering. Tibet Mountaineering Association (TMA) is the authorised organization to provide permission for Mountaineering in Tibet.

According to Buddhist Philosophy, every mountain is sacred and should not be touched by human feet. One of these mountains is Everest which can also be climbed from the Nepal side, the other 2 are Cho-Oyu (8201 meters) and Shishpangma (8153 meters), neither of these giants are technically difficult but any mountain over 8000 meters (only 14 in the World) demands the greatest respect and those participating in either of these climbing programs will need to be of a high standard of fitness.

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$22925 USD

Mt Everest North Expedition

Mt, Everest North Expedition - George Mallory was in fact the first person ever to set foot on the mountain when....
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55 Days
$12999 USD

Cho Oyu Expedition

This Cho Oyu expedition require a high level of climbing proficiency on steep, exposed and technical skill and....
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$9999 USD

Mt Shishapangma Expedition

Mt, Shishapangma is the 14th highest mountain which lies in its autonomous region, known by the Tibetans as “the....
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$9800 USD

Mt Lhakpa Ri Expedition

Mt, Lhakpa Ri is one of the most popular climbing peaks in Tibet owing to easy accessibility as well as its proximity....
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24 Days
$10950 USD

Mt Gurlamandhata Expedition

The Mount Gurlamandhata (Memo Nani) is the neighboring mountain, which is situated very close by the sacred called....
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30 Days
$10455 USD

Nojing Khansang Expedition

Mount Nojin Kangsang is one of the beautiful peaks in Tibet and it is located in between the way Zhangmu to Lhasa....
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27 Days

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