China silk route tour

The Silk Route was a famous trade route in the ancient China. It is Silk Road that diffuse China’s four great ancient inventions and tea and porcelain across the world. Although the prosperity of the Silk route (road) faded, its fame today attracts so many worldwide travelers to China to pry into its glorious past. The Silk Road tours expose you to the wonderful variety of people, culture, attractions, food, etc. Silk Road travel not only offers distinctive culture and natural spots but also give you a glimpse of the once prosperous civilization. Join our Silk Road tour packages and trace back to the glorious ancient times!

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K2 Chinese Base Camp Trek

K2 Base Camp From China The north base camp of K2 lies in a remote corner of China's Xingjiang province, Only a....
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20 Days
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Taklamakan Desert Overland

The Taklimakhan Desert Overland Tour is one of the roadless adventure travel in the world, This part of China was....
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12 Days

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