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We Tibet Holidays offer Kailash tour departure both for solo & small group travelers. As Kailash is expensive for single or two person for foriegn nationals and small group for Indian nationals to take a private tour, It is best idea to join with our group tour on the specific departure dates. It is the best idea to minimize your expenses and get cheaper and affordable price. Please Join now!

"The word Kailasha in Sanskrit means crystal and in all the spiritual traditions, crystal is a purest state of mind; The Mt. Kailash is not made of physical crystal, but because of the purity, we call it a crystal mountain. People who have gone there, they have felt a sanctity, a change of consciousness, a certain peace of mind." --By Swami Veda Bharti


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14 Days
$2250 USD
14 Days
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17 Days
$2880 USD
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11 Days
₹166999 INR
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09 Days
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14 Days
₹125000 INR

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